Hi friends, you know that I am doing an internship with Digital Deepak from my recent post. You must have definitely read it, incase if you couldn’t read it, you can read it here. I know you are super excited to know what I learnt in my class 2. I can understand your excitement because I was restless till the webinar for class 2 started.

Excitement for my class 2:

It was March 7 , 7.30 pm that I switched on my laptop, finished cooking and dinner so that I will have free time to attend the webinar at 9 pm. As time was approaching, I was getting restless or kind of super excited to know what Deepak will teach me today ! He has taught me how to learn digital marketing in my first lecture and today is the time to know more about how to step into this digital world.

I am all set to take notes and ask whatever doubts come to my mind. Finally it’s 8.50 pm and I logged in the webinar. A familiar sound welcomed all of us.

The most awaited lecture begins:

As every best tutor would start by revising the previous day, Deepak did the same way. He started revising what he had taught us in previous class. Well that was to make us feel comfortable with the new class. He explained what the Golden triangle is. Yes , you remember it well. It’s Learn -Do and Teach. The more we do and teach the more we understand. Well here I remembered quote mentioned by Deepak in lecture 1:

“If we cannot teach in a simple manner then we have not understood it.” by Albert Einstein

Mistakes are for good:

Do you feel it’s hard to teach others? Exactly my situation, how will I teach someone when I am just a newbie? But you know what Deepak told me- Mistakes are for future Benefits. Unless we make mistakes,we cannot improve. Yes I learnt something awesome and I am sure so did you !

I shouldn’t be worried of my mistakes but rather be proud of it and learn from them. My past mistake is my greatest teacher.

Getting things done is more important than always trying to be perfect and doing nothing. So don’t worry, we are perfect in our imperfections. We have scope for improvement in future. If I am perfect now itself, how can I improve in future? I am trying to improve on my imperfections. If you remember from class one that Deepak had told communication is extremely essential to be a good marketer. I have started following his tips to read, write and listen to podcasts to improve communication skills and gain confidence. Today also he emphasized on communications.

Marketing is all about good conversations:

I have to improve my conversation skills to be a good marketer. He gave us a tip. Improve one to one communication and it will help us converse with many. It’s so true, if I can talk boldly with one person then definitely I will gain confidence to talk to many. 

The class started getting interesting. He explained something that is very important for our business. He spoke about creating our Customer Avatar. Now what’s this Customer Avatar?

What is Customer Avatar?

I was so curious to know what is this. Let me tell you what I learnt. Customer Avatar is just the persona of our ideal customer. The target person whom we want to write for. As you know we cannot directly speak to many unless we are good at talking to one person. Similarly, if we try to write for many people , it won’t be appealing for anyone. But it will be appealing,if we subdivide the market and target people like us whom our content will inspire. Also, many times we hesitate to write because we don’t know who will be reading to us.

Who is my ideal Customer?

Unless we know whom we are writing to, we can’t give ourselves completely into writing.

A good email or blog has to be always like a personal letter. You know how much good it feels to read something that is just written for me. A letter to address my problems and give solutions to me. You must have seen emails from great marketers as Deepak, Neil Patel, Sorav Jain. They write directly to individual. I loved Neil Patels email on making Ubersuggest a paid tool. The way he explained he everything as if he was sitting next to me and talking. If you havent read it go and read it.

To gain that personal touch in our writing it’s essential to know who is going to read me. Who is my ideal customer? Creating our customer avatar is the sign of the best marketer.

If we write for everyone then no one will be our audience:

Yes it’s so true. Many times we try to write as if we are talking in general sense, but no one pays attention to it. 

Suppose, I am writing a blog to help deal with kids’ emotions. I have no idea who is going to read me, is it a mother or father? is working woman or homemaker? Whether my reader actually has a kid? I will start generalising things. Like if you have a kid and you leave him at home alone with no one to take care. 

Whatever is in general remains general. It is not going to attract anyone.

No one will read it, because it’s ideally written for no one. How can I make a person imagine so many things. Instead, if I know whom I am writing for – A working woman who wants to deal with kids emotions. I will directly say it to her,I know you are struggling to give time to your kid due to your busy hours at the office. This is going to touch her heart and grab her attention. You can clearly see the difference. So now I know how much important it is to know who is my ideal customer.

Deepak gave us tips to be authentic and not to change ourselves to be liked by someone else. If we try to change ourselves we are not going to impress anyone. Rather if we are authentic, we will have like minded followers.

Being authentic to our customers will help us overcome our anxiety and fear.

Never be afraid of being judged by someone, people always judge no matter what you do.The best mindset is to believe that you are awesome. I don’t have to pretend to be someone else. I just have to be myself,be open , create my own brand.

Here are some more tips to be a good marketer. 

Travel more, meet more people and learn new languages. Do new things all the time. People with more life experiences are better marketers. Always remember that a marketer never starts a new conversation, he always continues a conversation. The context should always lead you to next lines.

Creating your Customer Avatar :

Now, as we know how we should be to be a good marketer. Let’s proceed further to see how to create our customer avatar. We already know what we want to do. Like I want to write to help mothers, I want to help freshers or I want to help business owners. This will depend on my expertise and my interest. Let’s dive deep into our general interest, like who exactly in this category is my target. 

For this we need to create a survey. I will take you in steps about how to create a survey and get to know your ideal customer. Think of your interest or any target person you have in mind. Branstrom ideas for what you want to write. If you havent decided a niche, decide atleast a broad niche.

Let's Create our customer Avatar Together:

Let me take my example and explain you step by step. I want to write about digital marketing for small business owners. I know this is a general idea behind my ideal audience. Now through the survey I will refine it to get to my exact customer persona. Let’s call him/her as ‘Ideal Reader’. I created a survey in google forms. It’s very easy to create a survey. Here is the link to my form if you want to see the questions that I created.

Let’s discuss a few important things that I want to know about my Ideal Reader. I would like to know the demographics, interests, behaviors and pain points of my Ideal Reader so that I can directly hit the point of interest. 

Demographics like name , age, gender (I am not gender biased so not focusing more on gender). In my case it’s optional but if you are targeting a niche that is dependent on gender, you will have to ask it. Like in the survey for mothers to deal with kids’ emotions.

Interests like business, digital marketing, hobbies.

Behaviors like whether a person is an Introvert or extrovert, how does my ideal reader learn new things.

And Pain points that are troubling him/her. Now that I know what details I need, I will create questions to get these answers.

I have given a few important questions below that I asked in a survey. It’s always good to get maximum details that will help you understand your customer. But asking unnecessary or asking too many personal questions is not good. You can still ask personal questions but keep it optional.

Few Questions from my survey:

1 )What is your age?

  • 18 to 24
  • 25 to 32
  • 33 to 40
  • 41 to 50
  • 50 and above

2) What type of Person are you? 

  • Introvert
  • Extrovert
  • Ambivert

3) Do you have a business ? 

  • Yes
  • No
  • No, But planning to start one soon
  • Other:

4) If you have a business, what is your Business size ? 

  • I am Solopreneur
  • 2 to 5 people
  • 5 to 10 people
  • More than 10
  • I don’t have a business

5) What are your biggest challenges in business? 

6)Are you interested in taking your business online? 

  • Yes
  • No
  • I am already online

7)How Familiar are you with Digital Marketing 

  • Expert
  • Manageable
  • Completely New

8)Are you interested in learning digital marketing for your business? 

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

9) Your goals through digital marketing? 

10 )How do you learn new things about business? 

  • Reading Blogs
  • Watching videos
  • From contacts
  • I join classes
  • Other:

Its time to share your survey form:

Once you have created this form. Share it in your circle. You already have a rough idea who your reader will be, so share it with that crowd. For my case, I knew my reader is someone related to business. So I sent it to people doing mba and a few family friends who are into business. I did join a few business groups on facebook and shared my survey. Believe me, no one refuses to fill surveys if it’s going to help you. And still if you can’t get responses don’t worry.

Even if you have 5 responses it’s good to go. Deepak had just 10 people when he started. Don’t feel awkward asking people to help you. Always remember awkwardness is an indicator of learning. It challenges us to learn more.. 

Understanding the results of my survey:

Now let’s get back to my example. I started circulating this survey on march 8th and till now I could manage 82 responses. I had no idea who would fill my form. That is why I asked a question about having business or atleast having a plan to start a business. 

Let me share the pie chart for my responses, it will give a better idea.

As you can see 43.8 % of the people who filled my form don’t have a business. So I don’t need their data as I can’t target everyone. So for further questions I excluded those 36 people and plotted graphs for  remaining metrics that I received. I have included all graphs below for better understanding.

Age, Gender & Behaviour:

Well as I had not focussed more on gender so also my results are similar. The percent of male and female is almost the same so I would exclude this in my persona. Please note that business is general so I can exclude it. It depends on your niche to make moderations. The age group is a surprise for me to know. Maximum members are from my same age group. So I can understand them better. It’s a bonus for me to write something that would touch my same age group of people and I can be my own self explaining my struggles in business. 

Another important question of demographics for me was to know how is my ideal reader, introvert, extrovert or a balance. This is slightly different than my expectation. I am an ambivert but my ideal person is an Introvert. I need to keep in mind when I am writing , I have to help my reader to be open and be an ambivert along with teaching him digital marketing.

Business size and Familiarity with Digital Marketing:

Now let’s come to business size. I always wanted to focus on people who manage business single handedly as that’s what I was. I prefered learning everything related to my business on my own and doing it myself. My survey has reached the correct people. Maximum people are solopreneurs. Now that’s super cool. I will be writing to someone exactly like me. My interest is to target people who want to take their business online and learn digital marketing. The responses I got are supporting my interest. 

Next I want to know what is the level of knowledge of my audience, whether I want to write blogs from basics like even explaining the terms or they are familiar with digital marketing and I can directly start giving tips. Graph shows that maximum of my readers have manageable knowledge of digital marketing. 

Understanding Your readers likes and Dislikes:

I did also ask questions about how they like to learn new things, so I can create content exactly as per their interest. This result will help me  to focus more on blogs or video, as that interests my audience. Apart from it I did ask general questions like the browser they use and the phone they use. This data will help me to check my site’s optimization with these platforms. I can’t ignore the maximum used browser and phone. I did ask about my ideal readers goals, pain points and hobbies. This will help me to include some extra reading or making my content more interesting for my ideal reader or my ideal customer.

So now we have finished discussing the details I wanted to get about my ideal audience.

Summarising the data received through survey forms:

Let’s quickly summarise it so I can have an actual image of my ideal Reader. Let’s name he/she as Asmita.​

So, Asmita is an introvert solopreneur. Her age is around 25 to 32 years. She has manageable knowledge of digital marketing and wants to learn more to expand business online and get more revenue. She wants to learn digital marketing through blogs and videos. Her favourite hobby is reading and watching business related videos. She uses a google chrome browser and an android phone.

Was it awesome guys? Did you get down to your ideal customer? This exercise will help you write more effectively by targeting the ideal customer. It’s very essential to know our ideal customer so we can model our blogs around it. We can bring more personalization in our content. 


Now I know that whatever I write I have to write for Asmita who is an introvert solopreneur. She likes to learn through reading and watching videos. She has manageable knowledge of digital marketing but wants to learn more to increase her revenue online. We have also learnt that we should learn , do and teach to understand concepts better. We have learned to accept our mistakes and learn from them. We have to improve our conversations one to one so it will help us improve our conversations one to many. We have learnt what a customer avatar is and how to find our own ideal customer. We have learnt the benefits of creating our customer avatar. Unless we know whom we are writing to, we cannot give our best into it. We created a google form, circulated it and summarised the responses to get to know our ideal customer persona. 

I hope this has helped to get to know your ideal audience. If you haven’t created your survey yet, create a survey and circulate among your circle to know your ideal customer. 

If this post has helped you, drop me a comment below. Well this is all that I learnt in my class 2 of digital marketing insternship by Digital Deepak. I will keep sharing my experiences as I proceed in my internship journey.

Stay tuned for my next post as I proceed to share my experiences and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.

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