The latest trend is to earn money while being at home. The best option to earn money from home is via Digital marketing. Well, now you must be wondering how to earn money by digital marketing. To understand how to earn money via digital marketing, we need to first understand what is digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is that section of marketing which uses online media for advertising. One can advertise their products on any digital mediums like blogs, social media, youtube etc.  

This new termed has completely changed the format of traditional marketing. Everything is done online.

Nowadays, most of the people have online presence and sellers are using this same fact to sell online instead of traditional methods.  Digital marketing takes products to the final customer anywhere and anytime. The modes used are social media, web pages, youtube, blogs etc to advertise the product.

There are various ways on how one can earn via digital marketing.  

These are a few ways by which a person can earn online: 

  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Website designing

The best courses from my experience:

I have seen many people asking tips about to start freelancing business or how to earn via digital marketing. I have my own freelancing agency and I earn via Facebook ads, Instagram growth and affiliate marketing. I want to share my experience with the 3 best courses that will definitely make you earn online. I have purchased these courses and enjoy studying them.

To begin with, I am Asmita, a social media influencer and freelancer in social media marketing. I have enrolled in many paid and free courses by many digital marketers. You can follow me on Instagram for more tips.

But today would like to highlight just 3 courses that helped me start my own freelancing journey and earn sufficient to replace my job. 

I don’t want to brag about myself, neither I want to force you to enrol. But just want to help those who want to do the same and start earning online by replacing their current job.

If you are seriously looking for a digital marketing career, I would highly recommend to invest in your studies and develop your skills.

Instagram Influencer Mastery by Sorav Jain

Whatever I could say about this course is very less. The course, in quick span, made me achieve great success. I enrolled in this course last month and within 15 days earned the money invested. This course covers everything about growing your Instagram. How to earn by being an influencer with various affiliate networks available in the market. 

With this course, you can also get clients to provide Instagram services and Facebook services. 

Course material is very vast and covers almost everything that one will need to earn online. Over 70 recorded videos are available in the study material. He also goes live every week to clear doubts. This course is the best to fit for you if you really want to take yourself to the next level as a personal brand and start earning online. 

Here is what you get with this course: 

In this course, you will get an all-access LIFETIME pass to the following courses:

1) Instagram Influencer Mastery

2) Facebook Ads Mastery

3) Messenger Ads Mastery

4) Group LIVE Sessions with Sorav Jain – 4

5) VIP Telegram and Facebook Access ‘

These courses are taken by Sorav Jain and it will help you become a Top Influencer in your niche! I loved Sorav’s teaching so much that I enrolled for his one-year leadership program.

Link: Buy Instagram Influencer Mastery Bundle

Marketing Accelerator Academy by Roota Mittal 

When it comes to MAA, this course has developed more than 500+ freelancers. The study is in-depth covering all aspects of starting your own Ad agency. This might seem costly but has complete worth. The tutor has clubbed multiple small courses together to make it a complete bundle to start your own marketing agency. She covers everything right from Mindset to How to get clients and work for them. She also helps develop strategies while working for clients, how to make contracts, how to collect bills and everything that you need to now.  You can read more about her course and student revies here “ MAA” 

Just a quick overview of what all is covered in the course. These are not the exact modules, this is what I have summarised. She goes live on Facebook and answers each question until questions get over.

  1. Mindset 
  2. Facebook & Instagram 
  3. Sales funnels 
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Case studies of her own business 

You can buy this here: Enrol in Marketing Accelerator Academy

I was able to earn my fee back in the third month. I started with my first clients with the help of this course. 

These are my top two recommendations for those who want to start earning online. I hope you enjoy these courses and share your journey with me in comments for this post.

Well, this post was mostly to help you with your buying decision to start your freelancing journey in digital marketing. These courses are mostly focussed on social media marketing. There are many other courses available for other modes of earning. 

If you are looking for my services you can visit my services page.

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