Digital Deepak’s internship is trending nowadays on every digital marketer’s mind. The internship brought to us by Pixeltrack and our loved mentor Deepak.

Digital Deepak Internship

You might wonder who am I to talk about the internship, I am a newbie in the ocean of Digital Marketing. A great fan of Deepak. It was due to him that I got interested in digital marketing. Whatever I have learnt today into this field is all due to him. And not to forget, I am his student of internship batch 2. An aspiring blogger at Let’s Pray together and marketer at Jasmi Marketing Solutions.

So now who is Digital Deepak? Well that he doesn’t need an intro but still. A Civil Engineering Graduate who started his first blog on Bike advice. He is a  passionate digital marketer and writes about digital marketing on this blog. Also a columnist at and YourStory. He has published books and conducted workshops. is now ranked as one of the top 10 digital marketing blogs in India. 

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I started this journey with a curiosity which turned into desire. I enrolled in Deepak’s free digital marketing course. Which helped me a lot so I wanted to learn more from him. And he announced the Digital internship program. I was much excited about it but the cost was Rs 14999/-. with a guarantee of earning all the investment back. But you know, I am a doubtful soul. I doubted whether it will be worth it to enrol. And as any dom dick and harry could do, I didn’t enrol into the program. (That’s why I am batch 2 student)

I follow Deepak everywhere online. The feedback from his batch 1 students drove me crazy. I was waiting desperately for this opportunity again. And one day, there comes the superhero of digital marketing announcing his batch 2. Without wasting a single moment I enrolled for this internship. This time the course costed 15K with a possibility of 25 K in return. Yes, you got me right. That’s more than any mutual fund could ever give you returns. Do you think its dream? No, it’s reality. Deepak has invented this concept of investing funds on your own study. And side by side, we will be digital marketing experts.

One day I got an email about the first lecture. I registered for the webinar. The email mentioned date as Feb 25 and it also mentioned that we usually have lectures every Saturday at 9 Pm. So I was waiting for Saturday to arrive. I cancelled all plans for Saturday and started watching time. It was at 8.30 pm that I switched on the laptop and was waiting for webinar confirmation. I didn’t receive any email nor text from Deepak. I was about to drop an email to him and then I noticed, it was Saturday 22 Feb and not 25 Feb. Ohh superexcited me,  I was just too early for the first lecture.  

Now let’s get back to my day 1. The webinar started on Feb 25 at 9 pm. A familiar sound welcomed all of us. I have already attended his many lectures, what is he gonna teach so special today? My doubting soul was enjoying doubting till then he created a Facebook group, the telegram Group. He made us introduce ourselves to the Facebook group.

He said he is very very excited about the internship program and asked us whether we were excited too. My mind was saying Ohh damn, you don’t know how much excited I am, I had logged in 3 days before. Much well before you could log in! 

Deepak started with his firm tone to tell us why he involved money into this program. What do you think guys, do we take anything seriously if there is no money involved? At least I wouldn’t. He then told us about the transformation that happened to his batch 1 students. They developed their communication, got rid of their hesitation to speak out to the world and create their own personal brand. 

So now my doubting mind was like, wow, I wanna do this. I do get scared of what the world will say. I get scared of how can I do it. I do get scared of speaking my mind to the outside world. This internship was made for me, I want to communicate to the entire world and create my own personal brand.

Digital Maxie came to meet us. Maxie is Deepak’s pet who attends each of his webinars. No wonder someday Maxie could take a webinar for us and many of us would love to attend it.

All is well when you sell sell sell

He told us about the Importance of marketing. If we wanted to start freelancing, start our own agency or get a high paying job all we need to learn the art of marketing. We need to learn to sell smartly.

Digital Deepak Internship program 

  • Practical, do and learn. 
  • Every class will have a theory and practical.
  • The assignment will be given at the end of the lecture. 
  • We will get rewarded after completing assignments. 
  • Scores will be given to top 100 students. 

Now my desiring heart wants to be among those 100. Yes, I am aiming to be praised by my mentor Deepak. 

The Golden Triangle

Do you know whats golden triangle? Deepak told us this, Learn to do and teach. If we just learn, we tend to forget but if we do and teach we learn more and it becomes understanding. Albert Einstein said, “ If we cannot teach in a simple manner then we have not understood it. 

Enjoy doing it and it becomes your passion. Best way to succeed is to enjoy doing it. Develop a talent for it

Now you might be wondering, this sounds interesting, I guess what Deepak said its unique and best internship program it’s really true. To increase my amazement Deepak said, we will have meetups in different cities, batch 1 students will help us in our journey. That’s so cool, Digital Deepak has super cool alumni. I felt great, I am in an atmosphere where I can develop a strong network for new business. 

Cashback Guaranteed

He gave us details about how we can receive our cashback after the assignments. Cashback is super exciting and that will keep me motivating me for this journey. He added that we will be working for him. Now that’s super adventurous, I will be working for Digital Deepak! He asked whether it was fine for us, who under the sky would deny being personally trained by a marketing expert. 

Decide your Goal and Write it Down

Deepak said he wants us to write down our goal through this program on paper. Now this time my lazy mind said, let it be, we will see it after the lecture. I guess Deepak’s 6th sense heard me. He mentioned what Warren buffet said,” A person with a goal and a plan will beat an intelligent person without a goal and a plan”. 

You can guess what happened next, my greedy mind wanted me not to be defeated by anyone. I wrote down my goal and plan. It felt so relieving, I could bring out my heart on actual paper. I had always dreamt of being a freelancer in dreams and this was the first time I wrote it. He took a quick poll to know our desire and I learnt that I have many interns with similar dreams as me.

Improve Communication and Sales Skills

Yes, I am bad at sales, I admit this. But my proud mind was not ready to accept that I am not good at communication. Why should it agree anyway, I have studied in English medium school, I always speak and write English. You would wonder, Deepak read my mind this time too. Communication is not just speaking and writing but the confidence that you put your thoughts before the world. It’s your personality. I learnt it from him and now I want to improve my communication skills along with sales skills. We need to communicate what is the benefit of people buying our product or service. He is going to help us improve our communication. 

Tips by Deepak to get hang on the English:

  • Read a book at least for 30 minutes. 
  • Listen to podcasts for at least 30 minutes.
  • Write about 500 words a day. The more we write the more we improve.
  • Watch English sitcoms.

To be a good digital marketer we need to be a first good marketer. 

Understanding human physiology and how to sell, how to communicate is very important. If we are good marketer we can cope up with all new technologies of marketing. What we communicate, how we communicate, and how we solve the problem will never change if we have learnt the basics He also mentioned that human physiology hasn’t changed for many years and neither will it change in future.

Finding the Gold

There is wealth already out there we just need to learn how to find it. Marketing is ever-expanding. Solutions to needs give rise to new needs. Here it broke my myth. I always believed that Digital marketing is getting saturated. But no, every solution is giving rise to a new need. The example of the car was worth it. Just a simple invention of the car gave rise to many markets like cash washer, seat cover, lights etc

Find a Niche.

He further took us to take up a small niche, like a micro-niche in which we want to develop expertise. It’s amazing to know there are so many micro-niche that each of us has an abundant opportunity to become expert in our own field. He inspired us to be the first person in the field we choose. That’s what matters, no one remembers the second person. Unless we are known well we won’t be remembered. He also guided us to subdivide the market if there is an existing number 1. It was so inspiring, that I want to be a market leader in my own niche. 

There are 3 major niches: Health, Wealth, relationships, whatever we choose will fit into one of this. And this is what people will buy. These are the fields where we can add digital products. Many other niches are available but people don’t tend to buy it. 

Niche = Combination of Talent + Passion + Market opportunity.

Market Demand Research:

He explained how to find market demand. Google autosuggest. I wonder how it didn’t click me before. I always see this is an irritating feature but that’s so important. He showed a few keywords search. Lose weight in 1 month, lose weight fast. The crazy thing was people search for how to date a married woman. (Haha)

He also explained another tool “Answer the Public” with a live demo. I would say this tool is thrilling and most important it’s free. It shows all the questions that people search. He also mentioned other keyword research tools like Ubersuggest,, Moz

He gave us a dream: I want to make 1 crore in 3 years.

Isn’t it a great motivation to keep us moving forward with our dream of digital marketing? He explained how its easily possible if we are dedicated to it.

Learn Global Economics

DD explained why economics is important, And yes, he is going to teach us required economics in this course. He also explained the huge economic move in India and the unstoppable opportunity we have in India. This is the right time to start something. So don’t waste time. If you dream to be a freelancer or start your own business, this is the time. 

Deepak is not boring at all, he advised us to watch a movie, you heard it right. “The Big short movie” as it deals with a financial crisis which will help us learn finance. He motivated us not to worry about a recession, people will always pay money for value and if you have value in your product you will still earn. He referred 2 books for more reading Economics 101 and Currency wars

What is the future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing will not die as marketing will never die. Digital marketing is just a smarter way of marketing. As consumer behaviour has shifted to the digital world so every business has to go digital and hence we have wast opportunity. He also referred to a book “Scientific Advertising”. 

Integrated Marketing

How to drive traffic to our email list and content marketing. Then to nurture leads and then take them to the sales page. I realise where we go wrong. We drive all traffic directly to the sales page. Now I wonder why I wasn’t getting sales. Why would someone buy from me a stranger? He advised reading his article content marketing 2.2 for more study. Ohh that’s nice, we get homework too in this digital internship. He explained a bit about google analytics demo with a live example.

Personal branding is important: 

People like to hear from a person and not a brand. Build your own fame, own tribe and style. There might be best people out there but they are not well known and no one will know about them. Unless you brand yourself, you can’t get the best clients. Best known will always be the best. We should show our character and personality on social media. We have to put our thoughts out to build a personal brand. Don’t worry about criticism. We should not fit in but stand out. We should not get hurt by negative comments.

Deepak Gives personal attention to everything you say:

I did call him oldie in the chatbox. He didn’t reply during the webinar, but he remembered and pointed out on the Facebook group. I am a little stupid in talking but was glad to see that he read each and every comment.

He did a demo experiment for twitter trending. Ya, he is crazy too just like me. He gave us a surprise freebie at the end of the lecture.


He gave a gist about how funnels work, he explained his funnel strategy. Give freeline, build a relationship, draw sales. He suggested tools to develop a mindmap. 

I guess this article has inspired you. Do follow Deepak on Facebook and Instagram. It’s not to increase his followers but to increase your knowledge. He is super crazy to give freebies and surprise his followers.

If you haven’t grabbed his Free Facebook mastery course, Free Zapier Mastery course, and free digital marketing basics course grab them soon till the offer ends.

And most importantly. Stay tuned for the announcement of the next internship batch.


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