Hi friends, you know that I am doing an internship with Digital Deepak from my recent post. You must have definitely read it, incase if you couldn’t read it, you can read it here. I know you are super excited to know what I learnt in my class 2. I can understand your excitement because I was restless till the webinar for class 2 started. Excitement for my class 2: It was March 7 , 7.30 pm that I switched on my laptop, finished cooking and dinner so that I will have free time to attend the webinar at 9 pm. As time was approaching, I wasRead More →

Digital Deepak internship is trending nowadays on every digital marketer’s mind. The internship brought to us by Pixeltrack and our loved mentor Deepak. You might wonder who am I to talk about the internship, I am a newbie in the ocean of Digital Marketing. A great fan of Deepak. It was due to him that I got interested in digital marketing. Whatever I have learnt today into this field is all due to him. And not to forget, I am his student of internship batch 2. An aspiring blogger at Let’s Pray together and marketer at Jasmi Marketing Solutions. Who is Digital Deepak? Well thatRead More →