The latest trend is to earn money while being at home. The best option to earn money from home is via Digital marketing. Well, now you must be wondering how to earn money by digital marketing. To understand how to earn money via digital marketing, we need to first understand what is digital marketing. What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is that section of marketing which uses online media for advertising. One can advertise their products on any digital mediums like blogs, social media, youtube etc.   This new termed has completely changed the format of traditional marketing. Everything is done online. Nowadays, most of theRead More →

Hi friends, you know that I am doing an internship with Digital Deepak from my recent post. You must have definitely read it, incase if you couldn’t read it, you can read it here. I know you are super excited to know what I learnt in my class 2. I can understand your excitement because I was restless till the webinar for class 2 started. Excitement for my class 2: It was March 7 , 7.30 pm that I switched on my laptop, finished cooking and dinner so that I will have free time to attend the webinar at 9 pm. As time was approaching, I wasRead More →

Digital Deepak internship is trending nowadays on every digital marketer’s mind. The internship brought to us by Pixeltrack and our loved mentor Deepak. You might wonder who am I to talk about the internship, I am a newbie in the ocean of Digital Marketing. A great fan of Deepak. It was due to him that I got interested in digital marketing. Whatever I have learnt today into this field is all due to him. And not to forget, I am his student of internship batch 2. An aspiring blogger at Let’s Pray together and marketer at Jasmi Marketing Solutions. Who is Digital Deepak? Well thatRead More →